• Getting Started

  • What is Rate That Meeting?

    Great question. The goal of Rate That Meeting is to help you spend less time in meetings that aren’t productive and to get more stuff done at work.

    Some meetings are productive, efficient, and helpful, and that’s great. But there are lots of meetings that have too many people, don’t have a clear agenda, don’t accomplish the intended goals, or didn’t need to happen in the first place. Our goal is to empower you to fix or even eliminate those meetings.

    Improving your meetings starts with constructive feedback.

    Feedback comes in two directions with Rate That Meeting:

    1. When you organize meetings, we’ll send an email with an invitation to provide anonymous feedback to all the internal participants of that meeting (see here for how we define a meeting).
    2. When you attend meetings that other people in your company organize, we’ll send you an email asking for anonymous feedback.

    The requests for feedback are very simple and take 10 seconds to submit.

  • Should I tell my team I'm using Rate That Meeting?

    Rate That Meeting works best when the whole team participates. In order to encourage group participation, we encourage you to invite your team.

    When you let your team know you’re using Rate That Meeting to improve meetings for the team, you’re not only letting them know you care about productivity, you’re also enlisting their help to achieve that goal for the team. We’ve made it easy to bring the rest of your team onto Rate That Meeting, and we’ve created a customizable template for you to share with them. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

    Team -

    I’ve been using Rate That Meeting for the past [days, weeks, months timeframe] to give feedback for meetings I attend and get feedback for meetings I organize, and it’s been helping to reduce the impact of meetings on my day to keep me productive.

    Feedback serves as a powerful tool to help improve productivity quickly, and Rate That Meeting helps make that task easier.

    In addition to anonymous meeting feedback, Rate That Meeting also provides unique data and analytics on how meetings are impacting our team’s ability to get stuff done.

    If you have questions for me, let me know. If you want to know more about Rate That Meeting, their site has a lot of helpful info.

    Visit Rate That Meeting to get started and make sure to sign up with your work email.

    [Add any other pertinent details you want here]

    [Your name]

  • Communication

  • Do you send emails for every meeting on my calendar?

    No. We use lots of signals from your calendar to determine which events (a) are actually meetings and (b) merit feedback. Some of the characteristics for what we call a "feedback meeting" include the following:

    • Duration: Very short events may not always deserve feedback, so we ignore them.
    • Number of participants: We don’t solicit ratings for very small meetings like 1:1s or 2:1s.
    • Keywords: Titles can often serve as key indicators as to whether or not a given event deserves feedback (think "Happy Hour!" vs. "Bi-Weekly Sales Update").

    The rules for how we define “feedback meetings” are constantly evolving - let us know if you have additional questions or comments on this topic!

  • I don't want to provide feedback via email - can you request feedback via Slack?

    Yes! Visit the Integrations page to connect Slack to Rate That Meeting.

    Once you get Slack connected, you’ll be able to provide anonymous feedback even more quickly than ever before, directly within Slack.

  • What if I don't want to email participants of a specific meeting I'm organizing?

    No worries. We get that you may want to avoid asking all your meeting participants for feedback after certain meetings. You can view and edit your scheduled feedback meetings on the Scheduled Feedback tab in Rate That Meeting.

  • What if I’m in a meeting with other people who are not signed up for Rate That Meeting?

    If it’s a meeting you’ve organized (and it meets all the criteria of a “feedback meeting” described here), we’ll send an email to all the internal participants (those who have the same email domain as you) asking for feedback on your behalf as soon as the meeting ends.

    If you are a participant in somebody else’s meeting who is not using Rate That Meeting, only people who have already signed up will get an opportunity to provide feedback (so if you’re the only person using Rate That Meeting then you’re the only one will get an email asking for feedback).

  • What happens when I submit feedback for a meeting I attend?

    We’ll send an email to the meeting organizer letting them know someone has submitted feedback for their meeting and invite them to sign up in order to view it. The email will come from "Rate That Meeting" and will make no mention of you, the meeting participant.

  • Is Rate That Meeting limited to people within my organization? What happens for meetings with outside people (clients, prospective candidates, etc)?

    We don’t ever send emails to anyone outside your organization.

  • I have concerns about a potential security issue. What should I do?

    Please send an email to moc.gniteemtahtetar@ytiruces.

  • Teams

  • How can I use Rate That Meeting with my team?

    For managers and up, creating a team on Rate That Meeting provides an incredible opportunity to gain new insights into how your team spends their time throughout the week, and gives you action items to help unblock them to be more productive.

    Not only does feedback work better when the whole team participates, but the Teams Dashboard also provides you with unique insight into how much time your team typically spends in meetings every week (along with how much time is lost due to context switching), so you can gain a baseline of understanding the impact of meetings across your team.

    You also get access to an easy-to-understand readout of the most expensive meetings across your team and organization. This view arms you with the information you need to get meetings under control on your team.

    Creating a team is easy - visit Team Settings to get started.

  • What visibility into my calendar data do team admins have?

    In order to give team admins the tools they need to keep their team out of unproductive meetings, we give them powerful data on how their team is spending their time.

    Specifically, Team Admins will be able to see the following information for you:

    • The average number of hours you spend in meetings each week
    • The default duration for meetings you organize
    • The title, duration, date, organizer’s email address, and frequency (if recurring) for recent meetings on your calendar that meet the following criteria:
      • Occurred within the last 14 days
      • You and at least 1 other member from your Rate That Meeting team did not decline the event
      • The “visibility” of the specific event was not set to “private”

    Team admins cannot see individual ratings or comments you submit for meetings you attend - these are always anonymous.

  • How can I identify which meetings are most expensive for my team?

    In order to provide you with the insight you need to unblock your team from getting work done, we highlight meetings that your team members have attended in the last 2 weeks and sort them by how much combined time they take away from the team.

    For example, a 20 minute daily standup that includes 6 people from your team takes up 10 hours of your team’s time every single week. That’s a perfect example of a short but expensive meeting.

    We provide you the data to ask the question, "Is this really the best possible use of my team's time?"

    Visit Team Settings to get started.

  • Controls

  • Can I disable certain meetings from sending emails to participants?

    Yes you can! Visit the Scheduled Feedback tab in your Rate That Meeting account to decide which meetings you like to enable or disable for feedback.

  • I don't want to provide feedback for meetings I attend. How can I stop getting those emails?

    Prefer to get feedback for meetings you organize and don’t want to submit feedback for meetings you attend? Go here to configure your account settings.

  • How can I configure the default settings for my account?

    You can configure your default settings to control whether Rate That Meeting automatically requests feedback for meetings you organize on the account settings page here.

  • How can I unsubscribe from Rate That Meeting emails?

    We include a link at the bottom of every email we send to allow you to unsubscribe if you’d like (but we hope you don’t!)

    Note that unsubscribing from emails from Rate That Meeting does not disable or deactivate your account. We’ll continue to send emails to participants of meetings you organize, but we won’t be able to let you know when you’ve received feedback from them.

  • How can I disable my account?

    While we’d hate to see you go, we understand that Rate That Meeting may not be for everyone. If you need to disable or delete your account, send an email to our Support Team at moc.gniteemtahtetar@troppus and please let us know why you’re leaving and what we can do to improve.