Thanks for your interest in fixing meetings at work! Unfortunately, this app is no longer available.

Spend less time in unproductive meetings

Rate That Meeting identifies the most expensive and least productive meetings for your team and provides you the tools to keep your team focused and productive.

Understand how your team is spending their time

Unique analytics

Identify new insights into how your team spends their time so you can unblock them to be more productive.

Trending patterns

Monitor the health of your team's productivity and learn what you can do to ensure their success.

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Identify expensive meetings and eliminate them

Big picture view

Highlight the true cost of meetings for your team, department, and company and learn how you can cut back.

Custom recommendations

Get specific feedback on how to best increase productivity for your team, based what your team is actually doing with their time.

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Automatically collect feedback from meeting participants

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Automated feedback

Enable meeting participants to provide fast and anonymous feedback for meetings they attend, right away.

Critical insights

Collect qualitative feedback for meetings across the organization and learn which ones aren't working.

Keep your existing tools

Seamless setup

Get up and running quickly so you can avoid disrupting your team's workflow. Signing up is easy and providing feedback for meetings takes 10 seconds.

Integrates with G Suite

Rate That Meeting connects to Google Calendar to ensure meeting data and feedback is accurate and secure.

Works with Slack

By connecting Slack to Rate That Meeting, providing critical feedback works quickly and seamlessly. Find out more here.