Helpful Resources

There are some really awesome apps, links, articles, and general resources available (mostly for free!) to help increase productivity, and we want to share some of our favorites. Please note that we aren't affiliated with any of these services.

  • Google's own documentation

    • Search better. Google is really good at search. Unsurprisingly, so is Gmail. Check out their awesome documentation to help you get you searching more effectively.
    • Filter out the noise. Google is also really good at providing tools for filtering out a lot of the unwanted noise in our inbox. Learn more about the power of filters and labels.
    • Save time with keyboard shortcuts. Love spending all day managing your inbox? Didn't think so. Go here to get started with keyboard shortcuts, and start saving a ton of time every single day.
    • Get crazy with Gmail Labs. Google makes it easy to enable very cool add-ons for your Gmail inbox. Check it out.
  • Other extensions and apps

    • KeyRocket surfaces friendly reminders when you're doing something in Gmail that can be accomplished using a keyboard shortcut. This is an awesome way to get started with keyboard shortcuts.
    • Clear is a very simple task manager that helps you quickly jot down to-do items, and easily prioritize your list of things to get done. They've got apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.