You got questions?

  • So wait, what's MailCoach again?

    A really awesome tool to help you be better at email.

    Okay, but more specifically, MailCoach connects to your Gmail account and analyzes your activity inside email so that we can provide personalized tips to help you spend your time more effectively.

  • What data are you accessing, and how are you using it?

    The privacy of your data is incredibly important to us. Our first and only goal is to improve the way you use email. No third party has access to your email - we do not share or sell your email data to anyone, anonymously or otherwise. This is documented clearly in our Privacy Policy.

    While the permissions you grant MailCoach provides us the ability to access the body of your email or attachments, MailCoach only uses email metadata (e.g. email headers, labels) when processing productivity suggestions. At no time do MailCoach employees or services access the body of any email, or any attachments.

    If you have any questions about the security or privacy of your data, don’t hesitate to reach out to

  • But what if I have more than one Gmail account?

    No problem! MailCoach supports as many Gmail accounts as you've got.

    Just pop back over to the home page, hit the "Get Started" button, then "Sign in with Google", and select the Gmail account you want to use when you're prompted.

  • Can MailCoach help me be more productive outside of email?

    Maybe one day, but for now MailCoach works with Gmail accounts (both personal and corporate G Suite accounts).

    We encourage you to use MailCoach with any Gmail account where you're overwhelmed with your inbox!

  • What if I still have questions?

    Great! We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us a note at We prefer emails that have funny gifs or links in them, but we'll also accept those that don't.