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  • What is MailCoach?

    MailCoach has a simple goal of increasing your productivity in email. We believe that every second you spend in email should be time well spent.

    Think of MailCoach as a personal assistant for your email inbox - now you can avoid the unimportant emails so you can focus on handling the ones that matter. Find out how!

  • No private email servers here.

    The privacy of your data is incredibly important to us. No third party has access to your email - we do not share or sell your email data to anyone, anonymously or otherwise.

    We do not access the body of any email, or attachments you send or receive. Any data we collect is used only for features to improve your use of email.

    If you have any privacy concerns, check out our FAQ or please reach out to security@mailcoachapp.comsecurity@mailcoachapp.com.